Zone Tech 4 Hook Vehicle Universal Fit Trunk Mesh Cargo Storage Organizer Car Van SUV Back Item Net

? Tired seeing all the clutters in your car? Take a few moments and organize them with Zone Tech Cargo Mesh Organizer! This net takes your typical car organizer to a new level. Instead of having to keep your items “in” an organizer simply place the items in the trunk of your car and place the net “on” them.

? The Mesh Organizer is ideal for keeping boxes from shifting and spilling their contents, keeping your sports gear, suitcases, valises, handbags or even groceries contained. It works great in cars, vans, SUVs or any other vehicle. Take that bumpy road and your stuff will be just fine.

? The Zone Tech Cargo Mesh Organizer is constructed of premium quality mesh to provide you with the sturdiest, most durable and long lasting net organizer. It takes up minimal amount of space yet still provides with plenty of organizing abilities. This makes it a great and thoughtful gift for any car owner. Furthermore, this mesh is expandable so that it can fit cars, vans trucks or SUVs. Installation hardware and detailed installation instructions are included in the package. The installation will only take a minute!

Zone Tech brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service!