Zento Deals Wood Beaded Comfort Seat Cushion

?The Zento Deals Wood Beaded Comfort Seat Cushion gently massages your back and legs while you drive. Although wood is not much of a “cushion” many users swear by the Ventilation of a beaded car seat cushion and others the Subtle “Massage” provided by the beads during a drive.

?It has a sitting area of 49 inch x 15 inch. The beads are Ideally Spaced to increase the massage surface area while allowing enough ventilation for air to move through the cushion.

?Polyurethane wire interlace for Sturdy&Durable construction. All beads are Double-Strung with Heavy Line, so they won’t unravel if a thread breaks.

?Made with High-Quality long-lasting wooden beads. 100% Natural Wood Beads Mahogany Color Stripe. The large wooden beads in a Natural Finish add a Distinctive Look and Increased Comfort to your vehicle interior.

?The Wood Bead Car Seat Cushions have been popular around the world for over three decades.

?They are Easy To Install and fits most vehicle bucket seats with removable headrest, using the Adjustable Tie String to secure the cushion to the seat. They are great for Home and Office chairs too.

?Receive a Massage every time you Drive thanks to the thick wooden beads that cover most of the Back and the Thigh area as you sit.

Zento Deals is known for its superior product quality and service.