Zento Deals 7 Pocket Black High Quality Waterproof Fabric Car Seat Back Pockets Organizer Vehicle Storage Holder

?The Zento Deals Car Seat Back Pockets Organizer is perfect for all vehicles because of its Compact Size, Classic Color and Practical Design.

?They Eliminate Clutter and provide a Convenient Location for drinks, tissues, snacks, pens and other more travel necessities. It takes up minimal amount of space making it a most Convenient Accessory for your car and a Practical Accessory for any car owner.

?They offer Multiple Pockets so that you can properly organize your car. The organizer features 7 Convenient Pockets: A Top Pocket for odds and ends such as papers, notes, clips, pony holders or whatever you prefer; 2 Small Mesh Pockets for small items you want to keep contained; A Pocket with A Flap for important travel accessories such as ID, passports, registration etc.; 2 Mesh Drink Holders; And lastly a Bottom Mesh Pocket ideal for snacks, baby toys, cell phones or the likes. They are ideal for keeping your odds and ends from shifting every time your car swerves.

?They are Multi-Functional and Waterproof material car back bag. They are constructed out of Rugged Pack Cloth that is reinforced with MDF Fiber Board to provide Maximum Strength and Durability.

?They are Universal Fit with Adjustable Webbed Straps and Quick Release Buckles.

Zento Deals is known for its superior product quality and service.