Yupbizauto 4032601 New Interchangeable Car Seat Headrest Cover Universal Fit For Cars Vans Trucks, One Piece Panda

One New Embroidery Logo Design Car Headrest Cover Note: This is a universal size cover which can generally fit all cars with regular size headrest. It’s not the OEM or custom made product therefore it will not be a exact or perfect fit. “This cover is interchangeable with other covers in the series (sold seperatly)” Introducing the Interchangeable Headrest Covers. A normal seat covers logo is often located at a lower position which can hardly be seen unless standing fairly close to the vehicle. It will also be blocked when sitting on the seat which eliminates that chance for other people or even yourself to view it. When you purchase a seat cover with certain logos you want it to be seen easily either by yourself or other people who pass by your vehicle. With the Interchangeable Headrest Covers the logo design can be seen from hundreds of yards away and every time you look over your shoulder. Made by soft polyester with padded foam with great designs to chose from. Purchase the designs desired and place them on your vehicles headrest (only available for low back type seats with the removable headrest) and interchange them from day to day with the desired design. Start to make your collection of these headrest covers for yourself or give them as a gift set and get ready for the unique and personal look on your vehicle that will inspire people with their first sight. Note: These headrest covers do not fit large size headrests.