Why you should own custom car pins

Are you a car enthusiast? You can showcase your love for powerful, classy, beautiful or even expensive brands. Let everyone that you meet understand your passion towards cars just by looking at your outfits. The best approach of accessorizing your outfits is by adding a custom car pin.

Although there are several online stores that sell car pins, only a few companies such as vivipins.com can design and deliver custom car pins. What’s more is that you can order online and receive your pins within 10-13 days.

What it means to wear a custom car pin

Custom Car Pins

Pins add sparkle to your dressing style. You can use custom car pins to showcase your fashion awareness, support for car sporting teams or love for a car brand. Wearing pins emphatically declares your passion for cars, and it is very easy to draw other car enthusiasts or trigger interesting conversations with friends and strangers alike.

Wearing custom car pins sets you apart from the lot. When you wear something unique people tend to associate you with your uniqueness, and it is likely to hear titles such as ‘mustangs lad’ or ‘corvettes guy’.

Wearing custom car pins

You can affix your car pin to the left lapel of your suit jacket on top of the buttonhole. This is one the best positions to place your pins because it can easily be spotted and the details are visible. Wearing more than one pin at a time is not advisable because it makes it difficult to spot the details of your favourite pin. Another interesting position to place you pin is by replacing the top (first) button of your suite jacket. This will definitely make your suite standout.

You can also add also add your custom car pin on your sweater just below the V-neck, on the sleeve or shoulder. You can also add the pin to your shirt collars or breast pocket. The car pin can also be placed on your tie especially if the colour of the tie matches well with the colours of your pin.

Custom car pins can also be placed on your belt, cap or on your leather jacket. All in all, a custom pins will always standout whenever you choose to add it to your outfits.