Why Oregon Regulators Relaxed Smog Rules on Trucking Companies

California created state regulations that require cleaner trucks to ensure a cleaner environment. While Texas, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia and more followed their lead, Oregon did not. Oregon, set to follow their lead, eventually backed down on their initiative. Why? Because although the Oregon government’s goal was once diminishing hazardous pollution from diesel engines, that’s no longer the case.

Truckers detested California’s idea. Even though the new initiative helped the environment, the new engines got terrible mileage. Bob Russell is the chief lobbyist of the Oregon Trucking Associations Inc. He established that he would slash the agency’s budget if cleaner trucks were required.

Unfortunately, pressure tactics play a large part in the Department of Environmental Quality’s decision-making process. The environmental regulators must pay an extreme price for one false move. Interestingly, in Oregon, corporate interests aid the average lawmaker more than anywhere else in the nation. During the period of decision making for cleaner trucks, the trucking association donated $250,000 to winning Oregon campaigns.

The facts…

A person can see, when comparing states, just how much power these trucking industries have with lawmakers. The industry, as a whole, funneled 74 percent more money for legislators in Oregon than in Washington. States like Washington limit campaign contributions to keep any private industry from gaining too much political control.

Many claim this issue is surrounded by the majority of Oregon’s attitude towards climate change. Most regulators don’t take environmental mandates very seriously. Then, lawmakers can easily influence policymaking inside the Department of Environmental Quality. Therefore, regulations for cleaner trucks are not going to made in Oregon anytime soon.

So, how do you feel about the Oregon trucking regulations? Do you value mileage and transport? Or do you put worth in the environment and shed concern for the smog that a truck emits?