Why leasing a new car is a better decision in 2019

Driving new cars brings great joy as get unrivaled opportunity to test and be thrilled by the latest engineering innovations and additions to your favorite make and model. It is fascinating to know that you have highly efficient and effect drive on the road. You get an opportunity to try the latest accessory upgrades and additions in the car market. However, this only lasts for a short period because passing year means that you have an even older car on the road, worse accessories and ancient technologies in your car. This is not always the case with people who only go for car lease deals.

Although leasing a new car means that you will not have 100% ownership of the car, it also means that you will have the benefit of driving a car at for much less. According to experts, leasing a car and paying monthly fees is 30% less costly than buying the same car. It also means that you can start driving your dream car before you deposit anything. This is invaluable because you might not be in a position to pay lump sum amount for a car, but you can afford to monthly fees for the entire contractual term.

Leasing a new car also means that after driving the car for about 3 years, which is typically the best period to drive the car anyway, you have the benefit of surrendering the car and the option of taking a newer model. This is not the same if you choose to buy a new car because you will fully own the car with an option of reselling at far much less as the years goby.

Although the leasing option means you will get nothing at the end of the contract; you will just return the car in it’s original shape to the dealer at the end of the contract, the resell value of car after 2 or 3 years is far much less than the buying price. This means that if you are to buy a new car at the end of the 3 years, you will have to top-up. This is not the case with the leasing option because you will get another new contract and a new car with little alterations. You can try a VIP Auto Lease in NYC and see the difference.