Travel Ease Premium Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion & Neck Pillow Kit (Grey)

Travel Ease Premium Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion & Neck Pillow Kit(Grey)

– Do you experience low back pain suffering by sitting for long periods?
– Do you drive on daily basis?
– Are you looking for comfortable lumbar cushion set for your lumbar health?

Travel Ease Lumbar Cushion Set is applied Patented Ergonomic Streamline and Zero Pressure Technology which assist you to reach ultimate in comfort & support for natural low back pain relief.

Many reasons to buy Travel Ease lumbar cushion set:
1. Zero Pressure Technology and Ergonomic Streamline, extremely comfortable Travel Ease Lumbar Cushion Set is not too hard or too lumpy. Zero pressure technology is applied to assure you comfortable experience. Say goodbye to slouching and prevent chronic lumbar muscle strain by keeping your spine alignment and improving your sitting posture.
2. Yellow Color Therapy Level Premium Memory Foam
Travel Ease Yellow Color Memory Form is different from white color plain-looking ones in the market. It is high density, high-end and physical therapy level memory foam. It is thermo-sensitive, slow rebound memory foam, odor-free and won’t flatten out overtime like others.
3. Premium, Durable and Breathable Fabric Covers
The outer fabric covers are durable, breathable, anti-mate, removable and machine-washable.
4. Exceptional Value
The lumbar cushion set is well-packed with a handy travel bag. It’s portable and easy to give you friends as kind and sweet gift. In addition, the great price includes both neck pillow and lumbar cushion. You’ll get exceptional value with many years of use.
5. Size and Weight of Travel Ease Lumbar Cushion Set
Neck Pillow Size:10.2×6.3×4.7(inch)
Neck Pillow Weight:0.7(lb)
Lumbar Cushion Size: 16.5×15.7×3.9(inch)
Lumbar Cushion Weight:1.5(lb)


  • SUPERIOR LOWER BACK PAIN SUPPORT-Travel Ease Patented High Density Therapy Level Memory Foam is soft but supportive with ergonomic streamline design for lower back pain relief.
  • FOR YOUR SAFETY-Maintaining and molding your sitting posture by balancing external forces are essential to prevent hurts while there is an emergency brake or avoiding chronic lumbar muscle strain on long distance drive.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT FOR MOST CARS WITH JUST RIGHT SIZE: Travel Ease Ergonomic Design car lumbar cushion and headrest pillow is considering thickness to offer enough lower back support and headrest support but won’t be too thick. The size of back support pillow is 16.5×15.7×3.9(inch)while the headrest pillow is 11.8×7.9×4.7(inch)
  • TWO VENTILATED COVERS: The outer fabric covers are durable, breathable, anti-mite, removable and machine-washable while the internal cover is protective. The whole set is Odor-Free.
  • VALUEABLE WITH LIFE TIME GUARANTEED: A great price includes both lumbar cushion and neck pillow. Any dislike or any problem could be returned and refund within 60 days. Hassle-Free.

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Patented Ergonomic Streamline helps blood circulation, relieves back pain and reduces slouching. It also prevents chronic lumbar muscle strain by correcting sitting posture. Travel Ease Memory Foam is high density, slow rebound and thermo-sensitive.(It doesn’t get cold or hot)