Tike Smart Premium Clean-Edge Kick Mat with Invisible Strap and Stiff Edging – Black

The PREMIUM “CLEAN-EDGE” KICK MAT – The Best Made, Most Innovative Kick Mat On The Market! Exclusively from Tike Smart. Having kids doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice car too! The Premium Clean-Edge Kick Mat will let you ride in style while protecting your car’s interior upholstery from dirt, sand, water, mud and scuff marks left by your children’s shoes. Made with full-span upper edge reinforcement for a perfect, clean look with no kinks or wrinkles. Features our unique “Invisible Strap” – the lower elastic strap tucks neatly between the seat back and seat cushion, keeping it out of the way and unseen from the front of your seat. Highest quality water-proof PVC-coated polyester fabric. Simple to install – clicks in place using only two buckles. Wipes clean in seconds with a damp cloth. Generous 22″x17.25″ size and adjustable/elastic straps fit most cars, minivans and small/mid-size trucks and SUVs. Can also be used on the front side of a rear seat for use with rear-facing car seats! Tike Smart’s PREMIUM “CLEAN-EDGE” KICK MAT is made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. It is guaranteed to last and guaranteed to meet your expectations – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!