SOJOY- Massaging Car Neck Pillows (Soft Version) Lovely Breathable Car Head Neck Rest Cushion Headrest Pillows- Black with gray

Driving long hours or traveling in an airplane is some of the reasons for neck pain, especially if the seats are not properly designed with neck support. The patented Car Neck Pillow is mainly created to provide you the support you lack and keeps your head in a better posture. This is the soft version specifically designed for those who prefer the pillow to be on the soft side. You will reduce future headaches and stress. The Car Neck Pillow is an orthopedic cushion that fits the shape of your neck, giving you an optimal support. This comfort neck pillow is designed to be shaped to your body and retained heat to alleviate tension muscles. Its compact design makes it ideal to take everywhere. Get rid of neck pain caused by bad posture or lack of support. The Car Neck Pillow will provide you the support and comfort you need during traveling. -Sojoy