SOJOY Cooling Gel-enhanced comfort Memory foam Multi-use Anywhere, Anytime Gel Seat Cushion for Car/Home/Office/Travel Seats Black – iGelComfort –

iGelComfort Sojoy Anywhere, Anytime Cooling gel seat cushions (16″*16″*1.5″) are designed to be equally usable and give maximum comfort in the home, office, on the road or any extended sitting situation. Use as a gel car seat cushion, gel truck seat cushion, gel mobility seat cushion, gel wheelchair cushion, gel stadium cushion or gel office chair cushion. Say goodbye forever to numb-butt, fidgeting, squirming and experience welcome relief from sciatica, low-back pain, poor circulation cutoff, or sensitive vascular issues like varicose veins and hemorrhoids Cover option is a Standard lycra/neoprene, which is a stretchable, body-conforming fabric.