Rockford Fosgate P300-12 – Among the car Subwoofers To Buy

The Rockford Fosgate P300-12 is better than other car subwoofers out there because of its unique and new “Closed-loop’ design:

  1. The “Closed-loop” design ensures optimum performancebetween the amplifier, woofer, and enclosure allowing for crisp and smooth sound that will have you impressed instantly.
  2. A Built-in 0°/180° phase switch which will come in handy when finding that sweet spot in your car for smooth bass.

Alleviate The Hassle Of Separate Amplifiers And Subwoofers!

If you are looking for an all inclusive system that is simple to setup with minimal work…

…then the Rockford Fosgate P300-12 is exactly what you are looking for. All you will need to do is run power, ground and a signal from the source to get this beast in action.

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New To The World Of Sound Systems? No Worries, This Product Is Simple As It Gets.

These features below prove as to why so many people are buying this system, and make it so simple to use!

  • Intelligent auto turn on/off function.
  • Adjustable 12db/Octave low pass crossover.
  • Built-in adjustable bass boost EQ.
  • Large AWG input terminals.
  • Thermal And Over Voltage Protection.
  • Proprietary High Output Woofer
  • Detachable Power/Ground Connector

Having Problems With The Product, Don’t Worry you are Covered!

If for whatever reason you need a new Rockford Fosgate P300-12, this product comes with a 1 year standard warranty, no questions asked!

What Others Are Saying About The Rockford Fosgate P300-12

“I had a Dual 8 Inch subwoofer before this which was 80 watts RMS but after a couple of months, it really wasn’t delivering the bass that I wanted. It was just OK. Good for the price.
This Rockford P300-10 is AMAZING! It hits hard and the build quality is really nice. I was really debating on the 10 or 12 inch model, but eventually went with the 10 for space reasons. For me, the 10 hits low notes really well, and you can really feel your seat vibrate. Overall this product is freaking awesome, I don’t think you can go wrong with the 10 or 12 inch. If you want a good sub without the hassle of getting a separate amp/sub combo, just buy this.” – Thully

“Was looking for a sub and amp combo and decided on the Rockford Fosgate P300-10. Wanted it to fit under the backseat of my 2010 Chevy crew cab. Fit perfect and much cheaper than those special made boxes that you still need a amp. Was very easy to install and setup. I listen to hard rock and it sound great. I would recommend this unit to anyone and enjoy the bottom end of the music you are missing.” – Gabriel B. 

“I never review products. That’s how good this sub is. I have the 10″ version in a 2011 jeep wrangler 2 door. This does everything I need.i keep it1/4 turned up on the bass boost and it is still hits very hard. When you turn it all the way up, you will wake up the neighbors down the street. I literally turn my music off in my neighborhood because it is so loud even on 1/4. I love this thing. I included a hat to try to show true size. It takes up about 2-3 grocery bags of space. I’m in a cloth top jeep and it hits hard. I can’t imagine in a car or SUV. This isn’t a competition setup by any means. I have owned an expensive audiobahn amp and alpine Type R 12″ sub. And they were great but I would buy this every time over compared to the cost of that setup. I have kicker speakers and this and it is wayyyyyy overkill for the average joe who wants more bass. I’ve had this for about 4 months and I can’t say how long it will last but I imagine turned down it will last the life of my car. The price is unbeatable. It definitely simplifies all the questions about what sub and amp etc… it is exactly what I needed. I hope this review helps someone.” – Amazon Customer

Final Verdict: Is The Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Really Worth The Investment?

Answer: Without A Doubt, Yes!

The price competes well with similar products that offer a lot of things this product offers…

Its all inclusive so its a one time buy and you will have everything to get right to jamming…

The product has features that make it easy for almost anyone to get the hang of and learn the ins and outs of this subwoofer quick!