PURGGO Car Air Freshener – Fragrance-Free – Lasts 365+ Days – Made with 100% Bamboo Charcoal – Auto Odor Eliminator, Remover, Neutralizer, Absorber – Best Refresher for Adults, Kids, Dogs [LAVA GRAY]


Embarrassed by the persistent odor in your car?

Tired of suffocating, stinky, and sickening artificial scent?

Sick of constantly buying pricey refills?

Concerned about the negative health impact of chemical fresheners?

You deserve something better.

**PURGGO is a beautifully designed car air eco-purifier & freshener, made with 100% bamboo charcoal.

Adsorbs&eliminates odor instead of masking it.

– Fragrance- &allergen-free, and all-natural & non-toxic.

– Works 24/7 passively &lasts for 365+ days.

– Uses the most renewable natural resources in the world.

– 100% asthma& allergy friendly.

**Proven Product & Happy Customers

Authorities like Inhabitat and TreeHugger have given PURGGO raving reviews. Close to 800 happy customers have given PURGGO support on Kickstarter.

**Eliminate (Not Mask) Odor

PURGGO eliminates odor. The bamboo charcoal inside is 4x more porous than regular charcoal and acts like a big sponge that traps odor particle, which purifies the air in your car.

**Lasts 365+ Days

You’ve got better things to do with your time than buying refills.

PURGGO works 24/7 passively, and lasts more than 365 days.

**Natural, Safe, Fragrance & Scent Free

Give yourself peace of mind, knowing PURGGO is all natural and completely safe to use around your family and pets. It’s also fragrance and scent free.