Premium Kick Mats 2-Pack Luxury Car Seat Back Protectors – Best For Protection From Kid’s Dirt, Scuffs & Scratches – Easy To Install & Clean – Top Quality Extra Large Size Fits Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Kick Mats For Car Seat Back Protection

Keep The Kids Dirty Feet From Ruining Your Car!

– Do your kids kick the back of the car seat?
– Are they leaving dirt, stains, scuffs or scratches?
– Do you find yourself having to clean the car after each outing or spend money at the car wash?
– Do you love your kids but want to protect your car?

Introducing A Very Simple Solution – Kiddleco Kick Mats Are Designed For Perfect Seat Back Protection From Kids Dirty feet

– Fits all car models and stays securely in place to protect your car from dirt, scuffs and scratches.
– No more trips to the car wash. Simple to clean with a microfiber cloth, sponge or wet wipe.
– Made of a highly durable material and quality construction to last a long time – not flimsy like many on the market.
– Very easy to install with two buckled straps – one on top, one on bottom. Extra long bottom strap fits all car models including SUVs.
– No cheap mesh organizer right where the kids put their feet. These organizers get destroyed easily and ruin the kick mat that is there to protect your car.
– Two in a pack to protect both the driver and passenger side seats.
– Great investment for you, great gift for grandparents and others who drive your kids in their car.


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You Are Backed By Our Lifetime Warranty Too!

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