Plush Modern PREMIUM Non-slip Memory Foam Seat Cushion – NEW DESIGN – Luxury Chair Pads for Truck and Car Seats, Kitchen and Dining Chairs, Outdoor Bench, and Office Chairs

Never Worry about Back Pain Again

Plush Modern has designed a high quality, luxury seat cushion to help those with lower back, hip, and coccyx pain from sitting. Durable memory foam allows for comfortable positioning without the worry of over compression or loss of shape, even after years of use. Take a road trip in your car, watch the Super Bowl, or finish your doctorate dissertation on your computer. You’ll be comfortable the whole time.

Non-Slip Cover Won’t Move an Inch

Our chair pads come with a durable silicone, non-slip cover that keeps the seat from moving on slippery surfaces. No matter how much you move, your seat will stay in place.

Perfect for Any Situation

Are you eating a meal in the dining room, driving to work, or attending a baseball game? No matter where you are, if you are sitting, you can use our memory foam seat pads. Works in your vehicle as an interior accessory for automotive enthusiasts, on kitchen and dining chairs, outdoor benches, wicker and rocking chairs, and office furniture. Allow comfort and relief to follow you everywhere you go.

Beautiful Futuristic Design with an Easy Cleaning, Removable Cover

Our seat cushions have been expertly designed to provide ergonomic comfort. The zippered cotton and mesh cover allows for extreme durability and breathability, and is easy to remove. It can be cleaned with a washing machine.

About Plush Modern

Plush Modern is a company dedicated to modern innovation by creating the latest and greatest in personal comfort. We take painstaking measures to ensure our products are up to the highest standards, and are nothing short of game-changing. Your comfort is our business.

Money back Guarantee