Peacock Universal Bucket Seat Cover, Black

This “universal” seat cover is the perfect way to protect expensive seats or to cover up old or torn seats. Protects seats against spills, stains, fading, tearing, dirt, crumbs and pet hairs. Easily pulls over existing seats. All seat covers feature SuperFit flap. This flap fits through seat crevice to make the fit more snug and wrinkle free. Aiming for the best overall fit on most vehicles,These seat covers are tested on newest models and kept up-to-date with changes in seat size and format. Designed with Smart Seam Technology on both of the sides of the seat cover. This feature provides for a tear away if there is need for the side airbags to deploy. Unlike other manufacturers that only have air-bag deployment on one side of each seat cover, Kraco developed their brand to have it on both sides of covers to ensure proper safety and no confusion as to what seat the cover is to be placed on.