OxGord® Auto Seat Warmer with Lumber Support, 12-volt Heating Pad – Heated Cushion Cover – Ice Cold Winter Weather Protector – Hot Heat Temperature Controller for Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUV – 2023 Model

? HEATED SEAT CUSHION WITH LUMBAR SUPPORT: Cold weather driving comes with it’s share of inconveniences. Now you can drive or ride in warmth and comfort with easy to install heated seat cushion. Ride in warmth and luxury with temperatures that reach up to 114 and velour cushioning with added lumbar support. Interior coils provide even distribution of heat to both the seat and the back support. Transform any seat, couch, or bench into a soothing and comfortable cushion of support and cozy warmth with this easy to use heated seat cushion.

? PERFECT FOR CARS, TRUCKS, SUVS, VANS & BOATS: Our heated cushion is ideal for a host of vehicles. Adjustable straps ensure the perfect fit for vehicles. Universal designs works for virtually any seat or can be used at home or office with the simple addition of a standard wall plug adapter.

? 12 VOLT DC OUTLET: Our heated cushion is equipped with a standard 12 volt DC outlet allowing you to use it in any vehicle equipped with a cigarette lighter outlet. Variable settings for temperature control allow you to set the temperature that is just right for you. Heats up immediately creating an instantly warm environment no matter how cold your vehicle or setting.

? PADDED VELOUR CUSHIONING AND HALF INCH PADDING: The soft and supple feel of velour cushioning is perfect for additional padding of car seats, office chairs, recliners, or benches. The half inch padding hugs your body and provides additional support for those suffering from back pain, sore muscles, or tender back sides.

? HEATING THERAPY ANYWHERE YOU GO: Heated cushion allows you to take healing and relaxing properties of heat therapy anywhere. Transform your cars seat or office chair into a relaxing heat treatment, relieving sore and over-worked muscles, back pain, sore joints etc. Coil technology provides even distribution of heat on both the seat and backrest