Outback Shades Windshield Sun Shade Premium Car Sun Shade Toughness for USA Protector for Dash Keeps Your Car or Truck Cool

Unprotected car interiors are hot enough to burn skin! -scorching leather, faded, sun damaged interiors and blistering hot air. -Cheap “novelty” shades that don’t work and fall apart. -Thousands lost off your resale value. -Now with 2 x bonus blind spot mirrors Enjoy getting back to your car. You open the door and its “fine” to drive. -Finally, the Aussie outback shades “extreme heat” windshield sun shade has arrived in North America. -Compact foldable style sun shades that are preferred by regular users. What you’ll enjoy. -Getting in your car and driving off quickly without having to cool down your car first. -No more putting a towel on seats or gloves on to prevent burns -you’ll love having a dash and upholstery protected from heat and fading from the sun What you need to know. -Tough enough for the outback. -Highest quality polyamide nylon. Stronger than sub-par products -easily folds down to a compact size you can store in the visor or glove compartment! -flexible edges that fit snugly in your windshield. No leaks. -With a 150cm (60″ base) x 80cm (32″ height). Not too big, not too small. Act now for exclusive “USA launch” discounts -prices rises expected due to exchange rate movement.