MotorTrend 100% Odorless Ridged Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats (Black) – Semi Custom Fit

MotorTrend Premium Odorless Heavy Duty Trimmable High Grade Rubber Mats (Black)

Motor Trend – MAX Eco Friendly Series

Specially Formulated Rubber Polymer That is Safe for the Whole Family. Our Non-Toxic TPE Based Material is Odorless and Durable. They won’t Crack, Peel or Bend Permanently.

Eco-Friendly Material – Save the earth while you save your car floor!

  • Odorless – No more disgusting rubber smell
  • Non-Toxic – Officially approved by SGS
  • Trimmable
  • Easy to Clean
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty by Manufacturer

Stay Ahead of The Trend. With MotorTrend


  • 100% Odorless – No more rubber smell that cause headache
  • BPA Free and Non-Toxic material – Approved by SGS European Standard
  • Engineered Ridges and Nibs For Maximum Dirt Dust Mud and Debris Trapping – Easy Clean and Rinse
  • Intensively Tested for Flexibility – Does not Crack or Permanently Bend – Tested for Extreme Temperatures
  • Motor Trend Auto Mats are Made According to Consumer Feedback & Desires – Maximum Durability – No Overwhelming Petrol Odors – Safe & Non-Toxic for the Whole Family!

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BDK USA Quality Item. Feel the MotorTrend? difference. 24/7 Maximum protection from extreme cold and heat. Our mats are guaranteed to retain its form over time. With extra high ridges, you can easily trap dirt, gravel, mud and debris. Guaranteed to outlast other mats.