Luxury Car Sunshade Window Socks- Pack of 2 Large Universal SUV Size Sox for Rear Side Door. This Auto Sunshade Suits Both Square and Rectangular Windows. An Ideal Baby Car Shade.

The sun takes a toll on motor vehicles

Beaming through your car windows it creates, on average, a 25-degree temperature between the ambient outdoor temperature and the inside of the car. Solar radiation is absorbed by the seatbelts, dashboard, carpet and other materials. Over time, these items fade, crack and stop working. Just imagine, then, what effect this has on a child in a car seat.

Protection without costly accessories

Window Socks let you shield your baby from glare, sunburn and ultraviolet rays without the expense of window tinting. You can even lower your car windows for cross-draft while maintaining the protective shade of Window Socks. This innovative product is a lightweight, breathable mesh screen that installs quickly by stretching it over a vehicle’s rear side-door around the frame. It fits both square and rectangular windows up to 30″W x 23″H, ideal for SUV’s and family-sized cars. Window Socks are removed and reinstalled easily if you switch vehicles for the day or upgrade to a newer model. In addition to protecting your child from sun exposure, Window Socks can slow the fading of upholstery. Window Socks are sold in pairs, so each order protects the rear side windows on BOTH sides of your vehicle. Our product is machine-washable for easy maintenance.

Satisfaction guarantee

We know that you will love the effectiveness and simplicity of Window Socks. However, if our product does not perform to your expectations, we will cheerfully pay return shipping and refund 100% of your purchase price.

Add Window Socks to your cart today and protect your kids from the sun’s harmful rays.