Leather Car Seat Pocket Catcher – Gap Filler and Organizer in Between Front Seat and Console – Premium Quality PU Leather Accessory & Storage – Stop Before it Drop (Dark Beige)2 Pcs

Introducing the Newest and High Quality Leather Car Side Seat Caddy that Prevent Driving Distractions


* Are you tired of your smartphone, keys or coins always landing between the gap of your seat after a sharp turn?

* Are you afraid of dropping items and finding in despair between the car seat and console?

* Do you want to organize your small items in the car and keep it within reach?

Your Search is Over, Introducing the New SkyRox Side Pocket Catcher and Organizer!

* Designed to fill the gap between car seat and console.

* No more dropping of small items and digging it in between the car side seat pocket and console.

* Organize things like french fries, coins, credit card, cellphones, money etc and keep it within easy reach.

* Easy to install and clean with clean damp cloth.

* Stays in place when seat is move forward and backward.

* Fits the gap between seat console and console of most cars.

Made of Luxurious Quality Leather and has strong grip ad high impact resistance.

When you order today, you are protected by 1 year Warranty

So order now. When you do consider, purchase 2 packs; one for you and another 1 for your best friend.