Komingo Sold Multifunction Car Dome Lamp Work As USB Car Charger & Projector Lights with Bat Batman Shield Badge Projection Films

Patent products(Patent number: 2013305479644) This Car Projection Dome lamp can be used as a USB car charger and a welcome projection light.It can charger phones, tablets, game consoles, GPS navigation and other portable mobile terminals used in the car; the other end of this product may be rotated for 360 degree, can project a variety of patterns to the top of the car if you have enought Filmss.And the patterns will automatically disappeared/power off after working for two minutes.You can also control the projector light by using ON / OFF switch on the product.


Product parameters:

Input voltage: 12V ~ 24V

Output voltage: 5.0V

Output Current: 2.1A

Lamp power: 3W

Working temperature: -40 ? ~ 105 ?

Lighting Dimensions: Length 21CM, Diameter 2.3CM

Package Included: 1*Komingo Sold Multifunction Car Dome lamp with Bat Batman Shield Badge Projection Film