Kick Mats, KidLuf Car Kick Mats with Organizer – Premium Thick Waterproof Quality Seat Back Protectors – Extra Long Size with Adjustable Straps – Car Seat Back Protectors (2 Pack)

Say Goodbye to Kick stains on your seat!

• Are you having problems with keeping the back of your front seat vehicles clean?

• Are you having problems with keeping your car seat free from books, journals and other personal items?

• Then buy this KidLuf Car kick mats today because it is exactly right for you!

KidLuf car kick mats is designed to help keep the back of your front car seats clean, tidy and free from kick stains. It offers a comfortable solution for retaining the neatness and tidiness of your vehicle interiors whenever you have kids on board. KidLuf car kick mats are made from thick waterproof material, which makes them extremely resistant to muddy and wet stains. Unlike other brands of kick mats, KidLuf kick mats are very durable and guaranteed to last even after prolonged and continuous use.

With a width of 18.1 inches and a height of 25 inches, these kick mats are unarguably the largest kick mats on the market. Each mat features 2 adjustable straps, for attaching to the headrest and lower bottom positions of your front vehicle seat.

Each mat also features an organizing pocket for storing different items. These pockets help you control and avoid litter on your vehicle seat. They are easy to clean and require little or no maintenance. Get this kick mat today and never have to worry about the back of your front car seats getting kick stains, ever again!

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