iSaddle mini Vehicle Hangers Universal Car Seat Back Hanger Organizer Hook Headrest Luggage Holder(2Pcs/Set)

The rotation axis on the headrest of the front seat,it can bear the pothook of 500 milliliters plastic bottle.When you come back from convenience stores,it’s easy to hang the convenience bags,it also can hang trash.It can bear 1.5kgs. Install on the rotation axis of 8mm to 14mm thickness.Don’t install on the headrest without two rotation axis.Don’t install on the car with one-piece headrest. Pull up the headrest of the front seat a little bit,and you can see the rotation axis.Hang the hanging portion of pothook on the rotation-axis. Press down the headrest,and fix the hanging portion of the pothook.According to the shape of the seat,bracket of crook pothook,put the bottom of plastic bottle inside the pothook.