HOLIDAY SALE : FH-FB115114 Full Set Fun Polka Dots Car Seat Covers , Red color- Fit Most Car, Truck, Suv, or Van

FH GROUP FH-FB115114 Full Set Fun Polka Dots Car Seat Covers, Red Color- Fit Most Car, Truck, SUV, or Van

Add some fun to your vehicle with these quirky polka dot seat covers. Soft fabric with a middle 3mm foam padding makes these covers breathable to keep you feeling as cool as you look. Sustains your automobile interior upholstery. Adjustable straps helps installation, removal and reattachment . One piece style front bucket seat covers, can be used with both non removable and removable headrest. Durable stretchy fabric with opening pocket for storage. Engineered to accommodate traditional and heated seats. Semi-customized to fit most vehicles. Material is breathable. Machine Wash and Air dry. This includes two (2) bucket seats and (1) rear solid bench and (2) headrest covers.

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Total 8 pieces: 2 front seat covers, 2 rear seat covers, 2 headrest covers and 2 set mash cloth