Healthy Car Air Purifier| Freshener | Ionizer | Absorb Odor | Neutralize | Eliminate | Remove Smoke, Smells, Viruses, Bacteria, Pollutants | Allergy & Asthma Relief | Eliminator, Remover ~ Great Gift Idea!

-Negative Ion Output: 3.8 million/cm3

-Ozone Concentration: 3 mg h

-Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS

Your search for the perfect air purifier is over.

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Just plug into your car cigarette lighter or power port. You’ll notice the air around you becoming lighter, and much more refreshing.

Small and portable, the Earth-Air ionizer easily packs for travel. Great for use in rental cars and when visiting and driving in haze, smog and locations of reduced air quality.

Asthma prevalence increases every year and more adults and children than ever are diagnosed with breathing-related ailments. An Earth-Air ionizer helps to reduce and eliminate these pollutants which threaten our health and well-being

Here at Earth-Air, we take pride in our product, always striving to provide the very best technology for you and the ones you love. Using Anion science, we ensure our products are on the cutting edge of air purification technology. Experience the benefits of anion technology in your car today.

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