FH-PU002115 Classic PU Leather Car Seat Covers, Airbag compatible and Split Bench, Tan color

FH-PU002115 Classic PU Leather Car Seat Covers, Airbag Compatible and Split Bench, Tan Color (Automotive)

Add all the class and luxury of leather to your vehicle without the price or the upkeep. Our seat covers are made of the highest quality faux leather and treated with a protective coating to make them as durable as they are beautiful. 3mm of foam padding disperses heat, eliminating the struggle of red hot leather and keeping you cool on even the hottest summer days.


  • Exquisite Leatherette is durable and gives a classy look to your car. It is water resistant and easy to clean.
  • Front side airbag compatible – special stitching technique allows airbag to inflate upon impact. It will not block your side air bags from deploying. Front seat covers have velcro opening on the top for easy installation. (If your headrests are standard size, then you don’t need to remove them to install front covers, you can just slip on the cover with the headrest on)
  • Back of the front seat is made by durable stretchy corduroy with opening pocket for storage. These covers come with adjustable straps for easier installation and securer fit.
  • Rear bench covers have three zippers on them to accommodate left and right 40/60 split, 40/20/40 split and 50/50 split. It also allows you to fold down the cup holder or armrest by unzipping one of the zippers on the backrest cover.
  • An extra set of mesh cloth extension included to cover the exposed rear bench area when split. Available in various colors to transform the look and feel of the interior of your car instantly.

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Item includes: — Two front bucket covers — 1 rear bench seat cover (2pcs: 1 backrest cover + 1 bottom bench cover) — 5 separate headrest covers — 1 set of mesh cloth — 1 bag of Snaps