Evelots Custom Accessories, Auto Front Seat Organizer, Wedge Cup Holder, Black

This auto seat cup holder can be inserted perfectly in between your seats to hold cups and other small items making them easy to access on the go! Secures well by pressing down in between your seats or center console. Great for traveling and can be used in both the front and back seat when there is a small gap available to place the organizer securely into. Easy to install and requires no hardware. Includes 2 cup holders and a center pocket for storing small items such as your phone, pens, paper, keys, maps, change, and other small items. Fits most cups that are an average of 3 1/2″ diameter or smaller. Measures approximately 9 7/8 inches in length by 4 inches in width by 7 1/2 inches in height. Made out of black durable plastic that is both light weight, long lasting and will fit into an interior.*Evelots is the only certified seller of their items. Evelots is not a wholesaler so there should be no other sellers selling the exact same products. Any other sellers are unlawfully selling their own items using our certified Trademarked business name. They are breaking the law of trademark infringement and Amazon’s rules.*