EDEALYN Auto Interior Accessories Styling PU Leather Charcoal Car Seat Cover Pad Seat cushion Mat Protective Cover for Car/ Office Chair ,Universal Seatpad (Black- Back row)

note: If you unsure fit of your car, please tell me your car model and year, We will send a fit seat cushion according to your model and year, Otherwise we default shipping,If did not fit your car,We are not responsible, thank you!

1. Back row Size: About 135*49cm (53.15*19.29 inches)
2. surface material: PU leather
3. inner material: Bamboo Charcoal

The seat cushion sets of high quality bamboo charcoal and leather production, good air permeability, perfect quality, really do not hot in summer, winter is not cold, the four seasons general, distinguished high-grade, comfortable environmental protection, bring you a new riding experience.