Clean And Sparkling Windscreens

Dirt, smear, and streaks on the windscreen can hinder your vision. Hence, it is important to keep your windscreen clean at all times from a safety as well as an aesthetic point of view. In fact, sparkling windows will make your vehicle look great. Here are some tips to consider in order to maintain a clean and sparkling windscreen.

First, you need to clean the outside of the windscreen. Use a soft brush and water to clean it if there is a lot of dirt. In fact, you will find telescopic squeegees with a brush attached for this purpose. This is a great option in case you are not tall enough to reach every corner of the windscreen. Make sure you clean under the wiper blades for a nice even clean – you may use this as an opportunity to check the functionality of the wiper blades. In fact, you can clean the wiper blades effectively by rubbing them with alcohol, a baking soda plus water mixture, or mineral spirits if they look grimy. The wiper blades need to be replaced every two to three years or more often if they are damaged. The arm of the windscreen wiper should be at least 70 degrees from the windscreen.

When the dirt and grime have been removed from the windscreen, you need to dry the surface with a lint-free clean towel. You may also use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to make the glass clean and shiny. Make sure that you spray the solution onto the screen and clean from outside in. Use a paper towel to polish the glass cleaner for a streak-free finish.

According to Mark’s Mobile Glass, there are many products that you can use to clean the windscreen of your vehicle. Some of them include rain-repellent cleaners, anti-fog glass cleaners, and smear-free glass cleaners that will help repel the bugs and moisture from sticking on the glass when you are driving the vehicle. On the other hand, ammonia is an effective cleaner but could damage the leather, vinyl, and rubber materials inside the car. You can use a homemade solution with a little white vinegar and a lint-free cloth to polish the windscreen if you prefer.

When you start cleaning the outside of the windscreen first, you will see any smears on the inside of the screen. You should also tackle those fingerprints and the sucker marks that were left by the sat nav system. Make sure that you clean the inside of the windscreen from the passenger seat end. That way you will have more room to move your arm since the steering wheel won’t get in the way. Commercial cleaning products will make the task a little bit easier. You can also buy a microfiber cloth with a pad attached with a long removable handle and a pivoting head.

Dust and dirt will cling to the microfiber cloth. Hence, you only need water to clean the windscreen. There are other products with a handle and a triangular-shaped pivoting head to reach difficult corners. A traditional chamois leather is also ideal for this purpose. Make sure that you don’t spray the interior of the car when using cleaning sprays. It will cause damage to the interior and make the place slippery.

Top the wiper fluid in the car with a windscreen wash that contains antifreeze. That way you can easily remove the dirt and dust that are blocking your vision when driving the car. Finally, you should make sure to keep a packet of non-smearing interior in the glove box at all times.