Car Windshield Sunshade – SUNSHIELD UV Reflecting Fabric – Standard / Jumbo Sun Shade Sizes – Best Retractable Sun Visor Protector – Fits Normal / Large Auto Windshields – Standard (57 x 30in)

Extreme Heat and Sun Damage

If you’ve ever parked in the sun on a blistering summer’s day, you’ve probably dreaded getting back inside the scorching hot vehicle. In fact, surface temperatures in your car can surpass 195° F on a hot day (State Farm Vehicle Research Facility). In addition to being uncomfortable, the extreme heat can wreak havoc on your car causing damage to the interior-especially the upholstery. The heat in combination with UV light causes damage creating unwanted fading and discoloration over time.

The Solution

PRO Shade uses a proprietary reflective SUNSHIELD fabric that blocks UV rays, prevents sun damage and keeps your car comfortable.


1. Place the open sunshade against the interior of the windshield

2. Position the fabric along the edge of the windshield so that none of the windshield is visible

3. Flip down the sun visors to keep the sunshade in place