Car Trash Bag & Orgenizer By AutoMukoTM Car Garbage Can, with Front and Side Pocket & Tissue Holder – Attach It to Headrest – With One-year Limited Warranty

Now you can Keep your Car Litter-Free!

•Are you having problems keeping your car litter free, clean and tidy?

Then get an AutoMuko car trash bag organizer today and experience how easy it is to keep your car interiors neat, clean and litter free!

This AutoMuko car trash bag organizer with tissue box slot is the perfect waste management and trash disposal solution for your automobile. It is manufactured to be a fully functional Car Trash bag as well as an auto trash bin, to help keep your car litter free. The car trash container offers you the most effective and convenient way to ensuring that your car stays clean and tidy, every time. This product is an all in one deluxe car trash container, car leak-proof bag and organizer solution. It features a car trash bag, front mesh pocket, drink holder and tissue holder as well. Having this Car trash bag in your car guarantees that all disposable wrappers, packs, papers, cans and bottles, will be properly disposed and not littered or scattered inside your car. Not only does it keep your car free of dirt and litter, it also keeps your car free from clutter.

The included organizer in the bag helps to provide the much needed space with which you can store your personal effects. The front mesh pocket can hold all your travel necessities of considerable size securely and neatly. This AutoMuko car trash bag is exceptionally durable and extremely sturdy as well. To setup the Car trash bag, you can decide to hang it from the back of your seat using its ergonomic strap and dispose your trash in it or store your personal items. It is convenient, efficient, easy to setup and fully functional.

Get the AutoMuko Car Trash can today for yourself and for your family!