Car seat covers – Covering up for a beautiful interior!

Nothing says how much you care about your car like how well you take care of it. Car upholstery is most prone to damage and dirt, but you can protect it with some good car seat covers. Besides, you can enhance the look of your interior with nice colors and designs on your seat covers to bring a much-needed pop to it. The covers come in different materials and fittings depending on the dimensions of your seats.Car seat covers

Leather seat covers

Seat covers made out of leather are particularly recommended as they are easier to clean. Finding leather seats that fit well may be a daunting task, but they would help greatly in enhancing the look of your car while protecting the original upholstery. There is a great variety of leather covers you can choose from, with styles ranging from factory-like covers to multi-colored designs mimicking sports car sets. Different designs suit different types of cars. Ensure that you have the proper measurements for your car before you can buy any leather covers.Before making a purchase, look for covers that compliment other elements in your car interior like the dashboard and the steering wheel. Most manufacturers list the measurements on the packaging, so it would be easy to make comparisons for the ideal fit. A perfect custom fit makes your car look sleek and stylish. A hint of suede, though costly, can be added along the edges and trim for a customized set of covers to give it a stylish edge. Leather, though delicate, is relatively easy to maintain. It does not stain easily due to its non-absorbent nature, although extra precaution must be taken so as not to damage the material.The covers should be cleaned using leather cleaning agents. Re-dying can make old leather seat covers spring back to life, while softening them. Follow the proper regimen for re-dyeing to keep them looking new, supple and soft. Suede is a cheaper alternative to leather, which is tough and does not wear out easily. However, you need to look for suede treated with water-resistant treatments to keep it from absorbing water, and from being destroyed by the harmful UV rays. Saddle blanket is another car seat cover material that is resilient, durable and easy to clean.

Fabric covers

Seat covers made of fabric come in a variety of designs, textures and materials for a versatile array of choices. The beauty with fabric covers is their affordability and ability to resist changes in temperature. Some fabrics used to make them include polyester, nylon, neoprene, velour, canvas and even denim and corduroy. However, on the downside, they may not be as durable as leather covers. They also require more regular cleaning than leather and stain more easily in comparison with leather. The textures also extensively vary from stiff and rough to soft and snuggly. Polyester is a material commonly used to make automotive seat covers.Besides their affordability, they are also strong, comfortable and durable. Polyester has resistance properties, is easily washable and available in a variety of patterns. On the flipside, they stain easily and are less luxurious. They are ideal for keeping the interior protected from rapid wear and tear due to pets and children. If you want to keep stains hidden, then you can choose dark-colored polyester.Sheepskin covers help maintain a moderate temperature by keeping the car warm in cold weather and cooling it during hot weather. They are relatively costly and are ordinarily manufactured for specific vehicle models. Custom sheepskin covers are quite costly and preferred by high-end clients. Extreme caution must be taken when cleaning them so that they are not damaged. Tweed, neoprene, nylon and velour are other materials that commonly make car seat covers.

Customized upholstery

For a perfect fit, invest in some good quality custom seat covers especially when choosing seat covers for SUV. The dimensions vary depending on the size of the car and therefore, you will need to get the exact measurements for the same first. Professional cover dealers normally have samples of fabrics probably mounted on different car seats to give you an idea of exactly how the cover would look on your car. You would rather have a well-customized, perfect-fitting cover rather than a one-size-fit-all that makes your interior look unsightly, even if it costs more.If you are on a budget, then semi-custom ones would do the job. When customizing your car upholstery, visualize the theme you want to achieve in your car interior. Some companies allow their clients to come up with the design. Determine also the fabric you want to use. You do not want to invest in covers that will make you uncomfortable while driving. Your comfort is of paramount importance. This will depend on how much you intend to spend. Invest in covers that will serve you for a long time. The kind of weather conditions your car is mainly exposed to will also play a part in the type of covers to buy. Do not forget to look out for materials you can easily keep clean and maintain.

Choosing your car seat covers

When choosing the covers for your vehicle, make sure you choose a material that is comfortable and easy to maintain. Each material has its pros and cons and depending on your preference, you may choose the one with which you are most comfortable. Leather easily absorbs heat from the sun and can tend to crack and fade with time. Make sure you protect it using either sunscreen or a cloth cover so that it is more comfortable. Drivers who often travel longer distances will require covers that are made of comfortable material like fabrics. Seat covers are available in a large variety of sizes, patterns, designs and colors. Some covers are customized to exactly fit the seat, while others are designed to fit different sizes of seats. They help greatly in keeping the vehicle seats looking new. This translates to the maintenance of the vehicle’s resale value. Old and unsightly looking car seats can also be given a new lease of life using vehicle seat covers.