Car Seat Back Organizer with Screen Ipad Tablet Pocket

Back Of Seat Car Organizer For Kids and Family. Storage pocket for Tablet plus five additional pockets to hold children travel accessories like sippy cups, bottles, toys, snacks, and books. (Automotive)

If you’re traveling with kids, chances are your car is in danger of getting cluttered with all their small items. Further, if you want to keep them entertained, but would rather they not have their devices in their laps, you need our Car Seat Back Organizer with Screen Ipad/ Tablet Pocket. This ingenious storage organizer fits most cars, SUVS, and trucks, and can even fit over most strollers. It’s super easy to install just by slipping a top strap over the head rest in front of your child’s seat. A four-foot bottom strap helps to secure it to even oversized car seats so it won’t move around, even if little ones kick it. It has plenty of storage. A protective, extra-large plastic top pocket holds iPad and Android Tablets up to 10 inches. Children can see what’s on the screen, but it will stay smudge-free. Five roomy pockets below that hold sippy cups, bottles, toys, snacks, pacifiers, wipes, coloring items, books, and more. It’s made of durable, polyester with a mesh front pocket. The attractive grey material with blue trim makes it fit in with all car designs. The entire organizer can be wiped clean so there’s no need to worry about sticky kid prints or scuff marks.

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