Busy Life Car Seat Organizer – Great Car Organizer for All Drivers’ Needs. Rigid Back Plate Gives Seat Organizer Strength-Enhance Your Driving Experience Today

How will this benefit you? Right sized: the perfect size for the driver€™s needs€. It is small enough that it€™s not in the way, but not ugly and floppy like the larger seat organizers. Convenient: fits the items you need keeps them within reach€¦like your smart phone, notebook computer, sunglasses, small purse, wallet, snacks, lip gloss, important documents, spare change, iPad, a book€ while you drive. Our organizer also simplifies carrying in these items to your house or destination. Versatile: your seat organizer will fit on the front, side and back of the passenger seat. This allows easy to reach storage€¦even when someone is riding with you. Sturdy: rigid construction keeps heavier items in place so the seat organizer does not collapse and dump your items out€¦heavy material and sewing allows for extended use. For safety: holds all your items in place so they don€™t roll around the seat and onto the floor€ this may distract as you drive. We take pride in our car seat organizer; we use it and love it. The busy life backseat organizer is the highest rated car seat organizer on the market because of its great design and construction and the outstanding service we offer after the sale. We know you will love it yourself. Click the add to cart button now.