Betty Boop Chain Link Front & Rear Car Truck SUV Seat Rubber Floor Mats & Universal-fit Bucket Seat Covers & Steering Wheel Cover – 7PC

Instantly customize your car, truck, SUV, or van with these set of floor mats. Universal size fits almost all vehicles. Easy to wash and very durable. Protects your vehicle’s carpet from damage. The seat covers are easy stretchable fits most high or low back bucket seats with a detachable or built-in headrest. Protects vehicle’s seats against spills, stains, dirt and any debris. The seat covers adjust with tabs and buckles to fit most bucket seats and to provide a smooth, custom fit. If your seat has a headrest, you will install the seat cover over the headrest after adjusting it to your desired position. They do not fit seats with built-in armrest or side-seat airbags. Do not install these covers on a seat that has an air bag(s) built into the seat itself. The steering wheel cover is universal size fits almost all wheels mostly sized between 14.5 inches – 15.5 inches. Summer & Winter friendly – Protects your hands from hot and cold extremes. Easy slip on installation, no tools required.