Best Infant Car Seat Guidance

Taking newly born on travel is not a simple thing, you should prepare infant car seat for your baby. This safety car seat is required in every state, even from taking your beloved baby from hospital after giving birth. Some parents still prefer to have convertible car seat for their infant, though it is possible, but experts recommend to always using infant car seat for your infant which proved to give best protection.

Infant is the most fragile of human age and need best protection, but unfortunately parents sometimes find difficulties on finding the best car seat for their infant. You can find hundreds variant in the market for this infant car seat which will confuse you to decide, as I have experienced. There is several factors you must consider before choose one I have gather several information for your guidance to choose car seat for your baby.

Understanding Infant Car Seat
Infant car seat is a safety device especially designed for your infant for traveling by car. It can be use up to approximately 22 pounds, depend on the car seat type and brand. This car seat has base which attached to your car with LATCH connections, this is the best way of using it, though sometimes it use without base and straps to the safety belt. It highly recommended putting your baby at the back middle seat, since it proves as the less impacted during car accident. Infant car seat should be put rear facing which proven as the best position for infant.

This seat have handle and light which make it easily moved from car to house vice versa without waking your infant up. Several models are designed to be able to attached on stroller, make it easier for travel, known as travel system.

Must Consider Before Buy Infant Car Seat

Before choose one model of infant car seat, there are several things you might consider as follows:

  • You must buy infant car seat before your giving birth schedule, since you will need it to carry your baby home from hospital
  • There is another type of car seat that you can use for infant called convertible car seat, but expert would recommend to use infant car seat which proved give best protection to your infant.
  • For the protection, choose the 5 Point Harness System which protecting infant at shoulder, hip and groin with harness release mechanism, it gives your infant best protection
  • Several model have handle and base, this features help you to easily moved your baby without waking them up.
  • The price vary from $30 to $ 180, choose not too cheap which might give your infant less protection, not too expensive which might have less important features.
  • If you consider to use infant car seat combined with stroller, please check travel system type which provide your requirement