Best convertible car seat

Your baby is valuable more than everything and their healthy and safety would be your biggest priority. Therefore you must also concern your baby safety while traveling on vehicle by provide them the right safety car seat to protect them. It takes time to understand the best type of car seat suitable and give best protection to your baby based on their weight, height of your baby and type of your car.

By now, you might still wondering the difference of several types of baby car seat, one of the most interesting one is the convertible car seat type, also known as an infant-toddler car seat. What is a convertible car seat actually is? This type of car seat accommodate the requirements of car seat from infant to toddler, so you can spend less money by buying this car seat instead of infant and toddler car seat separately.

Understanding Convertible Car Seat

Convertible car seat is a car seat that invented to protect your baby from infancy to toddler age. As its name, it can convert from car seat to protect infant up to 35 pounds and face rearward, and protect toddler up to 40-65 pounds and face forward. The seat and harness can be adjusted along with the growth of the baby. Therefore parents can buy this one car seat instead of two car seats differently. This car seat seems cost you very high, but compared to the benefit it offer, it worth. If you use it to substitute infant car seat, it saves your money since you don’t have to buy toddler car seat. Meanwhile if you use it to substitute toddler car seat, it gives you best protection.

Though not common, but there is several model of comfortable car seat which combine toddler car seat and booster car seat and it placed forward. Convertible car seat I discuss here refer to infant-toddler car seat since it gives more benefits, preferred by most parents and have plenty variations of model in the market.

Must Consider Before Buy Convertible Car Seat

There might several things you need to know before you decide to buy convertible car seat as I listed below:

  • Convertible car seat is not compatible to stroller; it’s bigger than infant car seat and possibly will easily wake your baby when you move it from home to car.
  • You can buy convertible car seat to substitute infant and toddler car seat, it will be more efficient. But expert recommendation is to use infant car seat which proved to gave best protection to infant.
  • If you buy convertible car seat instead of toddler one after use infant car seat, it will give your baby better protection since your baby will longer in the rearward position which give best protection.
  • I recommend 5 point harness model which will give your baby more protection than model with less harness.
  • The price vary from $50 to $ 290, too cheap might give less protection, but too expensive not guarantee is the best and safest, it might have unnecessary features.