Top 7 Best Car Seat Covers To Get For Both Sedans, Coupes, SUVs, Vans and Trucks – 2023

Introduction to Car Seat Covers

Unlike your living room, your car has very limited space and the most important section of it is occupied by sits. This means that sits will always dictate the tone, comfort and color of your car interior. In fact, most car owners are holding onto their cars longer than in previous years. This evidence brings out even more the importance of keeping your vehicle upholstery in great condition. Having covers on your car seat is one of those things you can do to keep your car seats from damage due to wear and tear caused by regular interior traffic, making them last even longer. It is also a great way of pimping your car interior

The sun’s UV rays can cause leather to become hard and crack easily, causing damage to your car seats. Leather seats also become hot when exposed to the sun, and they can make it very uncomfortable to sit on. A car seat made of material that absorbs the sun’s heat like cloth fabric would be ideal for greater comfort while insulating the seats from sun damage. With car seat covers, you are also able to maintain the resale value of your vehicle.Car seat covers come in different designs and material to serve the car owner’s intended purpose. They are also customized for cars of different types and sizes.

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Here are the 7 Best Car Seat Covers To Get For Sedans, Coupes, SUVs, Vans and Trucks in 2016

ProductImageCompanyAverage User Satisfaction
Cub Cadet 49233 Lawn Tractor SeatCub Cadet (4.6 / 5)
Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8 Baja Blanket Universal Bucket Seat CoverBell Automotive (4.2 / 5)
Fit-Towel Car Seat Towel Cover – Athletic Sweat Shield, With Cool, Quick-Dry, Skidless Technology for Carseat Protection after Working OutTiiL (4.3 / 5)
FH-FB070115 Complete Set Sports Fabric Car Seat Covers, Airbag compatible and Split Bench with Steering Wheel Cover, Seat Belt Pads Gray – Fit Most Cars, Truck, SUV or VanFH Group (3.8 / 5)
Motor Trend Black/Gray Two Tone PU Leather Car Seat Covers – Classic Accent – Premium Leatherette – Front PairMotor Trend (4.1 / 5)
Seat Saver – Waterproof Removable Universal Car Seat CoverNavarro (3.8 / 5)
PolyCloth Black/Charcoal Gray Car Seat Covers – EasyWrap Two Tone Accent Interior Protection for AutoBDK (3 / 5)
  1. BDK PolyCloth Two Tone Car Seat Covers

BDK PolyCloth Car Seat Cover

This car seat cover is an ideal choice, with a perfect blend of sleek charcoal gray on black to blend with the interior of any vehicle. The Premium “Rome” material used to make this cover is durable, breathable, easy to fit on your car seats, and will prevent the dirt and odors from building up. This Neoprene-feel Polyester fabric used to make the seats is machine washable and has a foam backing for good cushioning and comfort. The set includes a rear top and bottom bench cover, 5 headrest covers, and 2 front low back seat covers. The instructions for installing the covers are included and only minor adjustments may have to be made to get a great fit. Its seams are double-stitched to increase durability so that they can last long and serve you well.


  1. Navarro Waterproof Removable Universal Car Seat Cover

Navarro Waterproof Car Seat Cover

This car seat cover is a perfect choice for athletes, cab drivers, outdoorsmen, surfers, fishermen, pet owners, parents and many more who may be looking for an easy way to keep their cars odor free and clean. It has a double layer of PVC, which makes it waterproof and polyester, which adds the element of comfort to it. Taking the cover off and putting it on your car seat has never been easier as this car seat cover is removable in a matter of seconds. Being a universal cover,it fits well in most car seats. It comes in a variety of colors like gray, black, red, blue and beige.


  1. Motor Trend Two Tone Faux PU Leather Seat Cover

Motor Trend Two Tone Faux PU Leather Seat Cover

These premium quality leatherette car seat covers will certainly give your car a sophisticated and modern look to your car’s interior. Made from tough and durable faux polyurethane (PU) leather material, you can be sure that they will look and feel just as great as real leather. Additionally, a sponge backing is enforced to reduce wrinkling. The car seat covers come in a two-tone design of original black and charcoal gray. The double stitching on the seams enhances the durability of this car seat. This car seat cover is compatible even with cars that have side airbags and it comes with separate covers for the headrest. You will probably need only a few minutes to fit this car seat cover on your seats. You can hand wash these covers but only air-drying is recommended.


  1. FH-FB070115 Sports Fabric Car Seat Cover

FH-FB070115 Sports Fabric Car Seat Cover

This car seat cover set is made from comfortable and durable sandwich fabric, which is easy to clean even with a machine and air dry. It includes a cover for the rear seat, 2 front seat covers, 5 headrest covers, 4 seatbelt pads and a steering wheel cover to match. The covers for the front seats are compatible for cars with side airbags. The fabric making the back of the front seat covers have been made from stretchy fabric that is durable, with a pocket for storing items. The bottom covers and bench backrest have zippers that accommodate left and right splits. Extra zippered cloth included in the set can cover the rear bench area exposed when split. The bottom bench cover and the backrest cover are separate in order to accommodate a baby car seat for you to use the anchors and seat belts fully. You can store this cover under your car seat by either folding or stuffing it into the breathable mesh bag. Besides being machine-washable and resistant to bacteria, the Fit-Towel will not peel, crack, heat up because of the sun or leave dirt or residue on your car seat.


  1. TiiL Fit Towel Car Seat Towel Cover

Tiil Fit Towel Seat Cover

If you are an athlete, a lover of sports or you just love going out for a thorough gym workout, then this is the ideal car seat for you. The car seat cover is made from a microfiber material that is super-absorbent to keep your car seat from dirt and sweat after such intense workouts. In fact, it is made with a form-fit design that fits well onto your car seat by attaching to your seat with a skidless, silicone-bead technology like in most yoga towels. With this kind of car seat, you should not worry about your Fit-Towel staining, breaking or sticking to your seat.


  1. Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Universal Bucket Seat Cover

Bell Automotive Universal Bucket Seat Cover

The Southwestern-inspired design in the Baja Blanket Car Seat Cover is a fun way to keep the interior of your car looking exciting and updated. Seats that have either adjustable or built-in headrests would certainly look great with this seat cover. The material making this car seat cover is comfortable and soft, and incorporates a woven poncho-like design. Dirt, fading, spills and stains are well covered with this beautiful car seat cover. Besides that, it has a universal fit that will fit into almost any car seat, including bucket seats in trucks and SUVs.


  1. Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Seat Cover

Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Seat Cover

The Cub Cadet car seat cover is a wonderful choice especially for those who own cars with seats like those in tractors. The car seat cover has some extra cushioning for more comfort. The fabric used in making the car seat cover is of such superior quality that it resists mildew, which ordinarily destroys other fabrics. The fabric also neither shrinks nor stretches. If in case you may need to carry along tools and any other important gear, then the Cuban Cadet Car Seat Cover contains two outer pockets that are positioned conveniently for easy reach. The seat cover also has an elastic hem cord that enables you to get a custom fit for your car seats quickly. A store bag for the car seat cover is also included when purchasing.



As seen earlier, car seats can be a great way to cover up those ugly stains or tears on your car seat. They also protect your car from spills, stains and even damage by the sun or from any form of wear and tear, while mitigating any damage already done to your car seats. Neoprene, leather, polyurethane,vinyl and cloth fabric are just a few of the materials used to make car seat covers.

When looking for the ideal car accessories covers for your car, it is always advisable to look for the best possible fit because a bad fit is uncomfortable and may look weird on your car seats.You can opt for universal car seat covers, which would fit well on most car seats. If your car has airbags on the sides, then it would be advisable to purchase car seat covers that will not hinder the airbags from deploying on impact. When looking for your ideal seat cover, you must make sure that you get seat covers that will enhance your comfort. Do not allow yourself to compromise your comfort and safety for the sake of protecting the integrity of your car.