AutoMuko Car Organizer with Cooler – Keep Drinks Cool in The Car – With Storage Pockets and Mesh pockets

The Best Seat Back Organizer with Cooler

• Are you having problems with organizing your personal effects in your car?

If yes, then get this AutoMuko Seat side organizer with cooler today and organize your personal effects easily and conveniently.

AutoMuko Seat side organizer with cooler is a very efficient car / automobile accessory. It is perfect for sedans, SUVs, Mini vans and other types of personal / family vehicles. This unique organizer is very easy to setup, much easier to use and as a matter of fact, it takes less than a few seconds or minutes to set it up.

This Premium AutoMuko Seat side Organizer hangs on the back of your front car seat and helps create ample storage space in your car for storing your items, food and lots more. When not in use, you can easily collapse the AutoMuko seat side organizer to make it portable and much easier to store. What makes this Seat Side organizer very unique and different from other brands in the market is its large cooler bag, drink holders and durable mesh pockets. It comes completely designed to feature three perfect sized compartments for holding drinks, 2 large see through mesh pockets and 1 large open pocket for storing all types of items, including mobile phones, books, digital camera, journals, car chargers, writing materials, jewelry, keys and lots more. The included cooler bag also allows you to store edible items to preserve them, keep them warm, fresh, health and fit for consumption.

This AutoMuko Seat side organizer with cooler bag is made from high quality polyester 420D polyester material measured in 43 X 9 X 60cm in size.

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