Auto Trunk Organizer | Heavy Duty Design | Fits Any Size Cargo for Car, Truck or SUV | Collapsible and Folding Backseat Organizer

Trunke Trunk Organizer is the best auto trunk organizer on the market. Made with durable polyester and sturdy reinforced plates the Trunke holds its shape even when loading and unloading. The Trunke can handle heavy objects with ease as well! It can collapse if you need more trunk space and in seconds, the Velcro straps can release to allow full expansion. It can hold large or small items and still maintain shape. Both sides have secure Velcro covered pockets to protect any of your precious valuables. It has two large storage areas that are 10.5 inches x 12 inches x 10 inches for nearly 1.5 cubic feet in space. It is the perfect size to fit items like groceries, car emergency gear, oil or windshield wiper fluid, work out gear, clothes and shoes, etc. The Trunke is the best way to store anything in your trunk effectively and safely. Start organizing your life today and click the Add to Cart.