Auto Litter Bag by Roadrunner-auto. Leakproof Durable Car Garbage Bag. Attaches Easily to the Headrest. Best car Accessory to Keep Car Trash Free and Clean.

Keep your car neat and clean in style! This litter bag is big enough to keep all your trash and compact enough to not be in the way. Perfect automotive accessory to keep car tidy during road trips, off roading, camping, or sports and outdoor recreation Finally no more used tissues and loose water bottles around the car. Great for people with babies, toddlers, and kids. Trash, half eaten snacks, wipes stay out of site. This trash bag is made to last. It’s reusable so makes for a more environmentally friendly choice than traditional disposable trash bags. No need to keep buying liners as the plastic interior is durable and easy to clean.Your satisfaction is important to us. You’re happy with your purchase or your money back. Never have a messy car again. Click the yellow button and Buy today! Una bolsa de basura. La mejor para organizacion del carro.