Aftermarket car parts – The cheaper option to quality!

Car repairs and replacements are necessary for every car owner at some point within the car’s lifetime. The wear and tear that comes with the regular use of a vehicle or damage of any kind would always prompt a car owner to make needed replacements and repairs where necessary. Aftermarket parts can be a good alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. They are easily available and far cheaper than original parts. Aftermarket parts are car parts manufactured by a company different from the original manufacturer.Aftermarket car parts

Generic versus Stock parts

Aftermarket car parts are not always of inferior quality compared with originally manufactured parts. Some manufacturers have obtained licenses to manufacture parts that are of a similar quality to those. In fact, many vehicle owners have found licensed aftermarket parts of far better quality and durability than other generic parts. Sometimes, it is not easy to find original manufacturer parts on short notice, and if licensed aftermarket parts are available, then they would serve the purpose just as well. However, in the event of a collision, you are advised to install original car parts for a good fit. There is comfort in knowing that original car part manufacturers have tested their parts for safety during collisions.

You need to check the insurance regulations in your local jurisdiction before installing any generic parts. Some insurance companies advise clients to use aftermarket parts to cut on costs. Other jurisdictions have either banned the use of aftermarket parts altogether, or require the disclosure of aftermarket parts in a vehicle when filling out insurance.

Benefits of aftermarket parts

Many benefits can be attributed to the use of generic parts in a vehicle. They are cheap since most manufacturers have had them made overseas, where production costs are much lower and regulations less stringent. This does not necessarily imply a compromise on quality. By reverse engineering of original parts, aftermarket part manufacturers have been able to identify weaknesses in some of the parts and produce better quality parts. There is a massive array of generic parts, each with its strengths and vulnerabilities. Competition keeps the prices of generic car parts low. It is easy to access these products. Many aftermarket part manufacturers make products that can fit a variety of car models. As earlier highlighted, it is much easier to get generic car parts on short notice than original manufacturer parts.


Generic car parts vary among the manufacturers and while the expanse variety may be an advantage, it is easy to get duped into buying inferior quality products. Only a few manufacturers sell products with warranties due to the need for cutting down on manufacturing costs. It is advantageous to seek a professional opinion before making any purchase or just stick to the stock parts.

Accessorizing with aftermarket auto products

Original manufacturer accessories can be expensive to replace. Car owners can opt to use aftermarket accessories that will serve the purpose at least just as well. It would make only a slight difference if you replace accessories like car mats with generic ones, instead of with the original manufacturer’s. In fact, in this particular case, it would even be better to replace them with cheaper and more durable rubber or vinyl car mats. You can also customize your car using aftermarket auto accessories. Original manufacturer music systems may be built for basic quality sound, but it is possible to revamp it to much better quality using a system manufactured by another company. You can also assemble different parts of your car subwoofers from various manufacturers in order to come up with a pimped up sound system. Other accessories that are non-existent in the vehicle’s original blueprint like video monitors can also be added on for a custom look for your car.There is a diverse array ofmanufacturers who can make good quality visual entertainment systems that are customized for your vehicle. Video monitors with extra features can make your overall car entertainment system experience better, compared withbasic original manufacturer monitors. Sometimes, when installing accessories like car alarms or even the entertainment systems, you may need to adjusta few things in your vehicle. This would require you to interfere with things like the car’s electrical systems and wiring. Be sure to take precautions not to make major alterations when making these adjustments so that you do not create problems in the car’s ordinary functioning.

Sometimes, standard stock parts do not explore the optimum potential of your vehicle, and may need further modification for the ultimate driving performance. Aftermarket auto accessories can improve your car performance and handling as well as the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Interestingly, there are products that would give your car a better performance, at the same time being cheaper than stock parts. However, it is good to be careful when accessorize using these to avoid voiding the warranties. You need to be careful about using some of these generic accessories as they may cause your car’s resale value to go down. The installation of some generic parts can be easy while others would require a professional hand for appropriate fitting. This would generally determine the overall cost and time taken.

Collision repairs

Sometimes, you may be unexpectedly involved in a car collision that may damage your car greatly. When repairing it, you are normally advised not to install aftermarket body parts. This is because stock parts are tried and tested for crash safety and hence, can handle another collision much better, should it happen.

Considerations to make

Before making any purchases on aftermarket, you are advised to check for reviews and customer feedback. There are numerous listings for generic part dealers online, which you can check for feedback regarding their products. Make sure you go for a seller who has good ratings on customer service and product quality. In some instances, aftermarket products have warranties and you are recommended to check the terms and conditions of the warranty. Make sure you do thorough research before you buy any generic auto parts. You can save a few cents with products that can give you value for money.