2pcs Universal 360°adjustable Car Vehicle Rear View Rearview Blind Spot Side Stick-on Mirror Wide Angle Convex Rear Side View Blind Spot Mirror Small Round Mirror

Suitable models: Universal Features: 1, paste on your original car rearview mirror, expanding horizons. 2, silver frame design, highlighting the three-dimensional. 3, an outer diameter 4CM apply to any vehicle. 4, workmanship and design are first-class, absolutely super car equipment. Description: 3R no blind 360-degree field of view wide-angle lens, keeping the surface, the image of perfection, distortion, driving at night anti-glare, non-glare, enhance safety. For you to provide a wider and clearer vision, make your journey safe and more secure. Mirror design using a special process, attached to the original exterior mirrors on both sides, more effective removal of a wide-angle convex blind, expanding horizons, absolutely you drive good assistant!