26 Inch Deluxe Car Seat Back Protector and Organizer – Bottom Kick Mat – Top Organizer Has Three Pockets – Kick Mat Protects Car Seat Back From Shoes and Dirty Hands – Organizer Kick Mat Protects Car Investment – Fits All Vehicles – Satisfaction Guaranteed


* Fitted with Adjustable Headrest Straps placed over or around the headrest
* Tie Down Cords attach under front seat in back allowing for adjustments to Protector & Organizer
* Fits snuggly against the back of front seat

We specifically made this Protector & Organizer to fit the majority of vehicles on the road today. It’s longer than most Kick Mats & Organizers available (26″x18″). Longer Length Provides Maximum Coverage.

NO Straps that wrap around bottom of the front seat, No One is Forced to sit on or have to deal with any anchoring straps.

The Investment of Your Vehicle Deserves the Protection our Back Seat Protector & Organizer offers you. You won’t have to worry about children’s dirty feet kicking, pushing, or wiping against the back of the seat. The bottom portion of the protector acts as a kick mat, while the top has three pockets for holding items. The protector & organizer is easy to remove and install, so it can be moved to protect multiple vehicles.

Our Car Seat Protector & Organizer is Double-Layered and Water-Resistant so not only does it Protect your Vehicle Seat Back from spills and food spatters, it’s Designed to be Wiped Clean with just a Damp Cloth.


* Customized Design Fits the Entire Back Seat of Most Vehicles
* Made with materials of the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability
* Durable Double Layer Fabric at Bottom Acts Like a Kick-Mat
* Very Easy to Keep Clean
* Keeps Spills, Mud, Stains, Scuff Marks Off Back of Seat
* Great for Help Keeping Your Seat Back Clean
*Child friendly

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