Trunk Organizer, Backseat Organizer – Folding Car Organizer – Car Storage Chest – Holds Vehicle Safety Items, Car Cleaning Tools, & Jumper Cables – Easy, Versatile & Convenient Storage

Tidy Ridey Trunk and Backseat Organizer, Car SUV Storage -Large Heavy Duty Pockets- Adjustable Headrest Straps, Space Saving & Convenient Storage-Easy Hanging On Back of Seat

The trunk or backseat can be dumping grounds for all kinds of stuff when families are in a hurry. What’s worse is when you need to find that extra water bottle or emergency diaper pack in a hurry, but instead have to pick through a pile of random stuff like an archeologist on a dig. This not only eats up time, but it’s not great for the stress levels, either.Now you can organize all that stuff, as well as keep it from rolling around in the car and suffering damage. Yes, it IS possible to have a clutter-free vehicle, and it’s easier than you think! Our sturdy Trunk and Backseat Organizer installs in seconds without any tools, thanks to the 3 built-in adjustable headrest straps and 2 flexible corner straps that allow it to fit in almost any vehicle. No more arriving late to soccer practice because someone couldn’t find their socks in the trunk-clutter. For people on the go, the flexible and sturdy mesh pockets can be a life-saver – and schedule-saver – by keeping car essentials protected and easily accessible. The see-through mesh material keeps everything visible so you don’t even need to remember what’s in each pocket. You may not be able to control all the chaos in your busy life, but you CAN control car trunk and backseat chaos – even if you’re not exactly known for your organizational skills. Baby essentials, kids items, electronics, road accessories, emergency items, even groceries will stay put and get a gentler ride, too. Say goodbye to listening to your trunk stuff scuttle around every time you hit a bump or navigate a curve, and enjoy a less-stressful ride knowing your important things are safe and where they should be. 43.5″ Wide x 12″ HighLightweight – rolls away for easy storageDon’t wait! Click “Add to Cart” and start making your car tidier and more user-friendly.


  • NO MORE CAR TRUNK OR BACKSEAT CLUTTER! Enjoy extra storage and maximum organization with our premium car organizer that keeps all your items accessible and protected
  • 6 EXPANSIVE MESH POCKETS HOLD EVEN LARGER ITEMS NEATLY AND SECURELY: The unique design offers 4 large pockets and 2 small pockets that can hold personal and car essentials, such as kids’ items, outdoor or workout gear, oil, antifreeze, car cleaning items, jumper cables, and so much more.
  • FITS NEARLY ANY VEHICLE: Our thoughtfully-designed organizer features 3 adjustable Headrest straps, and 2 flexible corner straps for a secure fit.
  • SUPER EASY TO INSTALL IN SECONDS – NO TOOLS REQUIRED! The built-in straps do all the work – just place in your vehicle, adjust to fit, and start living a car-chaos-free life.
  • PREMIUM GUARANTEE: Ultra-durable and extremely efficient, our vehicle organizer comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can purchase with total confidance.

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Get a little organization in your life with a premium car organizer from Tidy Ridey!

You live a busy life with a hectic schedule, meaning you’re always transitioning in and out of your car heading off to one occasion or another. The Tidy Ridey Trunk Organizer gives you the ability to store, manage and organize your most important items and keep them neat and orderly until you need them. From kids toys to vehicle accessories to antifreeze, our car storage bag keeps everything in perfect order so you always know where it is. Protect your items, vehicle equipment, and even groceries with our versatile Tidy Ridey mesh storage organizer; you won’t find a better solution for keeping your busy life organized.

Features and benefits:

· Lightweight and rolls away for easy storage

· Fits most vehicle makes and models

· Stores vehicle safety, kids toys, car cleaning kits, and more

· Installs in seconds (no tools required)

· 43.5″W x 12″ H

· 6 durable mesh products (4 large and 2 small)

· 3 headrest straps and 2 corner straps

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