Pimp my ride – Cool Girly Car Accessories

Having a beautiful car is not just a matter of keeping it clean. Accessorizing your car is one of the many things you can do to make your car look more pleasant. Accessorizing your car can effortlessly enhancethe appearance of your car while giving you the ultimate driving experience. Fortunately these days, it is more than possible to find custom-made car accessories online tailored to suit every girl’s desired look.Car accessories for girls come in different varieties just to make yours an awesome driving experience.

Internal car accessories

A girl’s guide to the perfect car accessories onlineEvery vehicle has basic accessories like mats, which prevent the carpeted interior of your car from getting dirty. Mats with striking features are now available online in either fabric or durable rubber and beautiful decals Accessories like seat covers enhance the comfort of your seat while keeping the fabric clean and stain-free. Customizing this to reflect something you love like girly floral prints or a warm color like pink can be done to make your car look simply amazing. Steering wheel covers made of material with good grip can also be matched with your seat covers to complete your car’s interior look. Numerous designs are available to choose from. Having organizers in the trunk of your car would help greatly in keeping your car neat and tidy. Air fresheners make your car smell better and they come in various scents. Most air fresheners can be hung on the rear view mirror, but if you wish not to have it in full view, then you can always look for places in your car where you can conveniently hide them.

Some interior accessories would enhance your driving experience especially for long distances. Investing in a good navigation system can help you find short routes to your destination. Long drives can also be a great experience when you have a cool state-of-the-art music system in your automobile. Burglar proofing your car is necessary for any car. You must have a reliable alarm system to secure your car from technology-savvy automobile thieves. Technology is at an advanced stage regarding these solutions to the extent of identifying a car driver using Bluetooth. Some manufacturers have gone to the extent of making heartbeat sensor systems that alert drivers of suspicious characters in the vehicles. It shows the great need to ensure the uncompromised security of vehicles.

External accessories

There are many types of external add-ons you can have on your car that would make cool car accessories for the ultimate driving experience. Allow wheels can improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, simply by making your car lighter. They easily conduct heat and reduce pressure on the breaks by reducing the generation of excess heat. This keeps your breaks from failing while reducing engine pressure. A Teflon coat on your car body makes your car shinier and improves the look of small, unsightly scratches.

Accessorizing with moderation

When accessorizing your car, it is always advisable to do it with moderation so as not to make your car look weird. People have, in the past, found it trendy to add racecar features onto ordinary vehicles, without really considering the need and consequence of having those accessories. Large rims, for example, are a desirable feature in many cars but they should only be done with the manufacturer’s tire size in consideration. Anything going overboard may pave way for problems like grinding the wheel liner every time you encounter a road bump. This issue goes hand in hand with low profile tires. These tires may look wonderful on racecars, but if taken over the top, they may make your car more susceptible to wear and tear with rigidity in the flexing of your wheels.

The necessity for accessories

Some add-ons may not really be necessary for your car. Things like spoilers in race cars can be added for functional purposes like giving the car a cornering grip. However, it would be inconsequential to add spoilers on ordinary vehicles since they have built-in mechanisms that enable it function in a similar fashion without them. In fact, spoilers would actually add more drag and consequentially reduce the car’s fuel economy. The masking of headlights may give your car a unique look but not only is this risky, but it is also illegal. It is wise to stick to the standard bulb, which is yellow. A body kit on a race car would serve the purpose of optimizing the drag coefficient while directing airflow to the interior system for higher performance. However, when done on an ordinary vehicle, it would greatly interfere with the wheel movement.

Accessorizing on a budget

The cost of accessorizing your car may vary depending on the quality of products you wish to use, the price of the accessories and the variety of accessories that are available. If you are on a budget, it is still important to make sure that you get value for money on the accessories you eventually settle on. Before you make any accessory purchases, make sure that you look for Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. Using any substandard accessory cannot guarantee you of quality or durability. In instances where the original manufacturer does not make the accessories, then you can consider the upgrades they may suggest. Some accessory manufacturers have different types of products priced depending on the features. If in the future you intend to sell your car, then it is important to consider the fact that you may not get much return on your car accessories. This is another reason why you need to do a cost benefit analysis when accessorizing your car. Spend as moderately as you can on the accessories.

Cute car accessories make any girl’s car look funky and warm. If you are planning to accessorize your car, then establish what you intend to enhance about the look of your car. Come up with a planned budget. It is probably going to be cheaper to do everything all at once than to do it gradually over time.If on a budget, then make sure you first look for inexpensive ways to accessorize your car.